8Letters goes to Fully Booked Bookstore!

One of the feelings we get when we enter a bookstore is being overwhelmed by where to start browsing. Each turn promises a new set of adventures.

Next time you enter the Fully Booked branches located at High Bonifacio, Mall of Asia, and Ayala Cebu, make sure to watch out for 8Letters books! Here is the first batch of 8Letters books you can find in the well-esteemed bookstore. We made the list to ensure you won’t get overwhelmed and you can plan your book hunting the right way.

Remember that copies are limited, so we recommend grabbing them right away!

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Fantasy and Science Fiction


This isn’t the first time we have worked with bookstores. There was Pandayan a few years ago, as well as Mt. Cloud Bookstore. If you’re not anywhere near these bookstores, our online shop is very active.

We foresee 2024 having more collaborations with bookstores, so stay tuned. If you can recommend any bookstore where we can put our amazing stories, do let us know.

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