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Composer Rommel Carrera debuts writing career with superhero sci-fi novel

Musician-composer Rommel V. Carrera is no stranger to the limelight. The former semi-professional musician and songwriter released a major label in the 1990s and has won a songwriting award from the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

This time, however, Rommel embarks on another career—that of writing and publishing. His debut sci-fi novel, “Just-Tiis Pilipinas: Heroes, Monsters, and Puppet-Masters,” is a Pinoy take on superheroes and the first installment in a book series.

Civilians Josh, Maritess, David, Cho, and Allan all had troublesome traits. They are pranksters, gossipmongers, and insincere fellows who had to go through their daily existence much like any Filipino would. But as fate would have it, they discover their superhuman abilities and battle mythical monsters like the tikbalang, manananggal, and berbalang to prevent a multi-genocide war from happening.

In the novel, Carrera underscores controversial topics such as the impact of war on the innocents; the use of religion as a manipulative tactic, acceptance of LGBTQA members and people with unique personalities, power and corruption, and the role of society in creating monsters among its civilians.

In addition, the author embeds on select pages QR codes that lead readers to a musical score highlighting key emotional moments. Not only does he create a world rich in action and mythology, but he also provides readers with a truly immersive experience.

Just-Tiis Pilipinas is available at the 8Letters bookstore, as well as on Shopee, Lazada, Gumroad, and Amazon.

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