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New Book, ‘Silakbo: Real Stories of Love and Heartbreak’, Reveals There Is Hope and Happily-Ever-Afters in Heartbreaks and Other Mishaps, Too

With the newly published book, Silakbo: Real Stories of Love and Heartbreak, The Indiependent Collective (IndieCo) and 8Letters Publishing paved the way for people to share their heart-wrenching stories about love. Each tale is  narrated in the first point of view, and contrary to what most people might think, one’s happily-ever-after might not come off as happily. Often it is filled with risks and regrets, yet for our writers, these setbacks make our stories more worthwhile to reminisce. 

Silakbo vividly unfolds the many experiences of people when it comes to self-love, friendship, family, and relationships. We are fascinated with stories of love that are grand and immaculate— those that match perfectly compatible individuals and have them end up together. Yet, we look away when we are faced with reality and see that love also involves mistakes, conflicts, and arguments. Ideal beginnings that are only as good while it lasted. Still, this book tells its readers: Do not be afraid of love and accept it wholeheartedly– the best and worst parts. Especially the worst parts. 

Silakbo seeks to show the world that love is not always a beautiful thing, but it will always try to be. And it will look so good you will almost never recognize it bare and naked. There is dismay long after love reveals itself behind the familiar pretentions you were used to. You will not know what to say. You will not know how to stay.  

However, the writers willingly shared their stories to teach you one thing about love. It’s that it won’t always be as magical as you hope for it to be, but it would certainly leave you better and new. It will break and strengthen you— take you to both extreme ends, until you find your way in-between. 

The Indiependent Collective (IndieCo) is a media startup that pushes boundaries through socially engaged conversations. IndieCo aims to create a safe space for young thought leaders, innovators, and the youth at large to see themselves reflected in the media and make them feel empowered to create change. IndieCo wants the next generation of independent leaders and thinkers to stay informed about the news they care about, to be able to see and share stories of amazing people doing important things, and to provide more opportunities to showcase humanity.

Avail now of your copy and take on the different journeys of love in its 33 essays. Silakbo is now available in ebook and print versions at 8Letters’ website.

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