Indie Publishing The Write Way is a workshop that aims to encourage and help aspiring writers to get their books out into the world. We have conducted classroom set-up workshops — a whole day of workshop and discussion — around the Greater Manila Area. Recently, we have been conducting month-long online workshops with one-on-one sessions with mentors Cindy Wong and Marigold Uy.

The Difference Between A Writer And An Author

Everyone can be a writer. Any of your ideas put into writing, whether published or not, already makes you a writer. But not everyone can be an author. When your work(s) has been registered for ISBN, published digitally or in print, and offered for sale in various channels, you are an author.

It’s Not Just About Writing and Printing

Writing the story is just the early phase of the whole publishing journey. The workshop covers all the remaining procedure that you need to do and go through to publish your work.

Why Indie Publishing the Write Way? ​

Our team in 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing wanted to share our experiences from the years of publishing our own books. Our goal for this workshop is open another avenue of publishing for aspiring writers, which is the independent publishing route. This way, more Filipino authors would be given a chance to share their works to the world.

Are You Ready to Self-Publish Your Work?

So, you have an idea for a book or maybe you have written a manuscript. The first step is deciding whether you want to self-publish your work or go the traditional route. While both have their pros and cons, making a decision between the two is important so that you’ll know how to focus your resources and prepare your strategies.

Yes, I Will Self-Publish My Book!

If your answer is, “YES! I will self-publish my book!” then welcome! And thank you for taking interest in our workshop. Strap on your seat belts and get ready for the roller coaster ride called self-publishing.

Here are the Topics That We Will Cover:

  • How to edit a book (because we don’t just write and print)
  • How to format a book (while professional formatting is available, it’s good to know how to do it yourself)
  • How to design a book cover (again, you can get it done professionally but if you want to lower production cost, we’ll teach you our secret!)
  • How to market your books (as in how to properly do it without sounding too desperate or like a salesperson)
  • How to create marketing graphics (attention-grabbing photos and graphics are important to draw in your potential readers)
  • Where can you sell your books (where do you sell your books digitally and in print)
  • How to fund your book production

What To Expect From the Workshop

This is an online workshop that will run for one month. While we send you emails, we will also hold your hand every step of the way.

  • We will offer you honest advice about your book which includes designing the cover and writing the blurb.
  • Once you publish your book, we will help you with the promotional stuff. (You’re not alone in this! We will make as much noise as we can!)
  • We will cheer you on until you get to the finish line!

We also have a a Facebook group of committed individuals like you with weekly prompts for fuel and inspiration. It is for sharing ideas and encouraging other writers who are on the same journey as you. And once you’re part of the group, you have the mentors, and students (both old and new) as your support system for as long as you like.

What Our Previous Students Say

I am so thankful that I joined this Workshop because I’m a firm believer that learning is a never-ending journey. I’ve learned so much about publishing on my own and got some new ideas I want to explore. Definitely, more workshops like this are needed. Sadly in the Philippines, there’s a lack of these creative platforms.​


I learned a lot! I also met people I can relate to regarding the fun and rebel life of indie pub.​


Indie Publishing The Write Way Workshop is a workshop for aspiring indie authors. Through this workshop, they will be able to visualize and plan out the road in producing their book. The online approach was utilized where old and new thoughts could be kindled.​


Enroll in Our Indie Publishing The Write Way Online Workshop

For the second time this year, we are launching Indie Publishing the Write Way, focusing on the ABC’s of indie publishing in the Philippines, this time however, we will emphasize on how to publish your books without spending big bucks.

WHEN: 12 Sep. 2017
WHERE: Diligence Cafe, Elizabeth Hall, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines


1. Fill up the registration form below.
2. We will e-mail you the confirmation with a 48-hours deadline for the enrollment fee of PHP 850.
3. Once you made the payment, do send us the payment slip. You will receive a reconfirmation which you need to bring along with you (either soft or hard copy) at the event itself.

Enrollment Fee Inclusion:
– Unlimited coffee & tea;
– Pens and memo pads;
– The knowledge and wisdom we will impart to prepare you for this journey.

There will be a 1-hour lunch break. You can bring your snacks or eat outside the workshop location.

First come, first serve. Register here: