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8Letters is now open and we are proud to announce our collaboration with indie authors from the Philippines. We got paranormal, fantasy featuring Philippine lower mythology, something edgy and of course, love stories!

  • Victorique – Marigold Uy


Victorique is the ghost of Beatrice’s ancestor… and she appeared to her with a plea: Help her be at peace. After staying earthbound for over a century and a half, her memories had been muddled, enough for her to forget the reason why she had stayed in the first place.

Going through genealogy books and a psychic medium, they discover an enduring friendship and an unconditional love that lasted even in the afterlife.

And after learning about the truths behind her unrest, Beatrice wonders if Victorique will still choose to be at peace, or stay in the living world until she cease to exist.

  • 31st – Cindy dela Cruz 

31st Flatlay

Felicia decided to move from Santa Barbara to Spring City, a thriving place in the Philippines. She believed she will be able to find solitude in a city that never sleeps, and probably she can finally forget how shattered her heart was. Instead, a peculiar event happened on her first night in her rented apartment in Building 325, she was approached by a self-proclaimed witch named Carlotta. She was told about the incidents that happen every 30th of October, thus she was warned to be careful when the day comes which is only a week away. However she remained cynical and completely ignored the warning. For a week, she poured her energy into discovering the streets and the ins and outs of Spring City. One evening, she was busy reminiscing her past when she heard a knock outside her door. She have failed to notice that the clock just striked 12, it’s already the 30th of October. Little did she know, that once she opens the door, she will also be inviting unwanted creatures to her new home.

  • 7 Sins of Eve – Various Authors

7 sins of eve

Si Breisia, ang Ebang dahil sa lalaki ay magagawang limutin ang pangako sa sariling birhen siyang haharap sa dambana.

Ang mayamang Eba na si Blessilda, walang mahalaga sa kanya kundi ang kayamanan at pagmamahal sa lahat ng klase ng pagkain.

Ang mapaghanap at sakim na Ebang si Bettina, dahil sa pagmamahal o ano pa man ay handang angkinin ang lahat sa kahit anong paraan.

Bethany, ang masipag at matiyagang Eba na nilamon ng katamaran.

Ang Ebang si Beatriz na puno ng galit, kinasusuklaman ang lahat ng lalaki.

Si Barbara, ang mainggitin at ambisyosang Eba…

At si Blyss, ang Ebang mapagmataas at hindi tumatanggap ng pagkakamali at tulong mula sa iba.

Pitong Kwento… Pitong Eba… Pitong Kasalanan

  • Anong Klaseng Estudyante Ka? – Jahric Lago

Sina Plastikera, Saksakera at si Tsismosa? Pati si Librarinator at Maria Clara? Si Juan, Moonwalkers, Hikers at Ka-Biteno? Powderpuff Girls, Bekimon, Shufer-models, Monay Lisa? Uy si Cut-woman, Math-man, Ispaderman? ATBP! Mga superheroes? Hindi rin! Sila ay mga karakter sa buhay estudyante mo na hinding hindi mo malilimutan. Dahil yung iba diyan, aminin mo man o hindi, ay naging katatawanan sa klase at marahil naging isa ka rin sa kanila. Aminin! Secret lang natin!

  • Heartbreakers – Jahric Lago


From the Bestselling series, comes the Special Edition of Heart Breakers. Featuring the Winners of The Psicom Heart Breakers Story Writing Contest.

  • Disminoriya: Ang Modernong Maria Clara – Lapis sa Kalye/Various Authors

An anthology of poems and short stories written by various authors, describing the Modern Mara Clara.

Halina sa mundo ng makabagong Maria Clara

Sa mundong akala mo’y pamilyar, ngunit malalim ang kinukubling liwanag. Sisirin ang hapdi at kirot at namnamin ang sustansya ng isang anghel ang ilsang haliparot. 

Narito na ang istorya ng iba’t ibang babae, bilang isang kaibigan, anak, Ina at minamahal. Halina sa mundo ng Disminoriya. 

  • Songs of our Breakup – Jay E. Tria

Every breakup has its playlist.

How do you get over a seven-year relationship? 21-year-old Jill is trying to find out. But moving on is a harder job when Kim, her ex-boyfriend, is the lead guitarist of the band, and Jill is the vocalist. Every song they play together feels like slicing open a barely healed tattoo.

Jill’s best friend Miki says she will be out of this gloom soon. Breakups have a probation period, he says. Jill is on the last month of hers and Miki is patiently keeping her company.

But the real silver lining is Shinta. Having a hot Japanese actor friend in times like these is a welcome distraction. This gorgeous celebrity has been defying time zones and distance through the years to be there for Jill. Now he is here, physically present, and together he and Jill go through old lyrics, vivid memories, walks in the rain, and bottles of beer. Together they try to answer the question: what do you do when forever ends?

  • Before I Do – Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla

A hilarious, catty, and heart-breaking read for every girl who wants the wedding but not the responsibilities marriage (at least not yet).

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