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A Look Into Meizan Badrudin’s “Gift Of Merci”

Last June 1, 2024, the 8letters Bookstore and Publishing released its much-awaited eye-opening book titled, “Gift of Merci” by Meizan Badrudin.

This book have helped amplify the silent cries for help by the current generation. Also, it is both inspirational and timely, as many have been suffering from mental health issues due to the amount of pressure the societal standards have set.

Sage Luxaire, an overachiever and a perfectionist student, experienced getting tired of chasing her dreams despite doing everything she could, she looked away from the books that always served as her company. She embarked on a journey of self-healing and slowly appreciated the solace in the ordinary, which she was not enjoy prior to today as she was in a rush of trying to achieve all her goals in life. After fighting her inner battles, Sage realized that despite everything that she achieved academically, her worth could not be determined by the number of medals and certificates that she had. Instead, she is defined by the impact she had on people and the mistakes that made her all better.

Gift of Merci, according to Meizan, is both a mirror and a catalyst for change, as embedded within every word of this book lies the power to ignite personal transformation. The author also revealed that it was the storytelling of her grandmother about the societal pressure, lack of access to mental health services, and social injustices that inspired her to write the book. The stories told by her grandmother compelled her to amplify the voice of those struggles, to capture the essence of these experiences, to let the people know of their pain and resilience, and lastly, to call for an urgent need for change to happen.

When Meizan was asked about what readers could learn from her book, she said that she hopes that this book empowers its readers to break down the barriers of stigma and approach the world with empathy and determination: “Speak up, stand tall, and never let your hunger for a better world wane.” She even emphasized readers should share their truth and advocate for those who cannot.

Meizan ended her statement with advice and encouraging words to aspiring authors and readers when she said, “Keep writing. Keep sharing your story (with) the world, even when it feels daunting. Every word you write is a step closer to realizing your aspirations. It may take time, and the journey may be filled with challenges, but perseverance and determination will carry you through.”

She also reminded aspiring writers that their voice and story matter; and that in due time, their perseverance will be rewarded, and their dreams will eventually become a reality.

“Gift of Merci” by Meizan Badrudin talks about the experiences and the mental health issues evident in today’s generation. Grab yourself a copy at:

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