8letters Novella Collection 2024

What’s the purpose of life if we limit ourselves to reading one genre of literature?

Why not binge-read novellas of different genres, flavors, characters, and plot twists?

If you have decided to do so, join us as we present our wide and flavorful collection of novellas this 2024!

Here are the featured genres in this collection:

Science Fiction

A realm of limitless possibilities and unending discoveries, Science Fiction attracts readers who possess an imagination that is also out of the ordinary. From futuristic dystopias to epic time travels, our selection promises to transport you to worlds beyond your wildest dreams. Delve into thought-provoking tales that explore the ethical dilemmas of advanced technology and the consequences of humanity’s relentless quest for progress. Journey to post-apocalyptic landscapes where survivors may or may not anticipate the end of their lifelong hard work and dreams on earth. If you find a storytelling that tickles your imagination, you can check out these titles:

Where a Gray Cloud Looms
The Blood-Eyed
The Paragons
Ako, Ikaw at Isang Apocalyptic na Bulalakaw


A staple to any story, a touch of romance is like the cherry on top of the cake. From passionate love affairs to heartwarming tales of soulmates finding each other against all odds, our selection of romance novels offers something for every romantic at heart. Our collection doesn’t box the word love for romantic relationships, and it stretches out to the journey of it, the healing from it, and the finding its way back to it. From different perspectives, character dynamics, twists and turns, and even a dash of mystery, indulge in the enchanting world of romance with our captivating collection of books.

A Holiday Switch
Beauty and the Red Flags
Ten Days and a Prom
Dear Diary – Love Sakura
Fallin Lavender
His Legacy
Hope’s Bucketlist
How Far Would You Go For Love
Rizal Park
One and Only You
Sa Piling Mo
Song of Hearts
The Sound of Your Voice
Uncharted Paradise
Who Bought, Who Bad
Befriending My Amygdala
Bakit Ako ang Napili Mo
Ako, Ikaw at Isang Apocalyptic na Bulalakaw

Mystery Thriller

Dim the lights, lock the doors, and prepare for a rollercoaster ride of twists, turns, and unexpected revelations with our thrilling selection of mystery thriller books. With each clue uncovered and every red herring dissected, you’ll find yourself drawn deeper into the labyrinth of deception and deceit that shrouds each thrilling tale. Every book has its own approach: mystery coupled with romance, mystery paired with science fiction, and mystery paired with a slice of life. If you want to dig deeper, check out these titles:

Dear Darling Amelia
Echoes of Stardust
Nosi Balasi
May Paraiso sa Hambil
Pass the Message
Sitio Pulang Lupa
Beautiful Like Yngrid
Write Me a Killer
Bloody Rose
The Blood-Eyed

Fantasy Adventure

Join courageous heroes and heroines as they set out on quests of bravery and discovery, facing daunting challenges and confronting powerful adversaries along the way. From sweeping quests to reclaim lost thrones to daring expeditions into uncharted territories, each adventure promises thrills, danger, and moments of awe-inspiring wonder. If you are a fan of something that requires magic and a mystical place of wonders, you can check out these titles:

Francis and the Amazing Brief
The Millennium Wizard
Shadows of Death: First Dimension
Withering Heart
Guinevere De La Croix: The Wandering Gourmet Witch
Hiwaga ng Krusipiko

Philippine Mythology

The Philippines is richer than you think. With its vibrant folklore and traditions that find their way to the books, explore the diverse characters of Filipino mythology, where creatures of legend such as the aswang, tikbalang, and kapre lurk in the shadows, ready to ensnare unsuspecting travelers and test the courage of mortal heroes. If you are a fan of mythology from the Philippines, try reading these titles:

Beast and Creatures: The Hunt for the Unknown
Mateo Ressurecsion: Sa Mundo ng mga Elemento

These novellas offer a journey through worlds both familiar and fantastical, and they will definitely quench your thirst for the extraordinary!

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