HIP Studios and 8Letters Collaborate to Bring Multiple IPs from Print to Screen

Intellectual property (IP) management specialist, HIP Studios, and hybrid publisher, 8Letters, inked an agreement at the Philippine Book Festival 2024. The collaboration marks a significant milestone in bridging the worlds of literature and visual media.

Bringing together HIP Studios’ producing expertise and 8Letters’ rich catalog of more than 500 titles, the partnership aims to expand the best of these literary works across multiple platforms and formats, including television content, movies, animations, mangas and games. 

Based in Singapore, with offices in Cebu and Sydney, HIP Studios specializes in the development, management and production of IPs. The company’s Co-Founder and President of Creative Development, Chan Gin Kai, elaborates on the potential of the collaboration, “Throughout the history of filmmaking, books have always been the most powerful source of stories for filmmakers. Out of 96 Best Picture winners since the first Oscars, 51% were book adaptations. At last year’s Primetime Emmy Awards, 12 literary adaptations totaled an incredible 45 nominations. Our special relationship with 8Letters, a powerhouse in independent publishing, gives us access to a wealth of more than 500 IPs and the opportunity to bring the most compelling stories to studios, streamers and screens.”

8Letters, a Philippine-based hybrid book publisher with an office in Hong Kong, is dedicated to empowering independent authors and bringing their stories to a global audience. The company’s Founder, Cindy Wong, adds, “This partnership represents a natural evolution for us as we continue to innovate in the publishing industry. HIP Studio’s expertise in IP management creates exciting avenues to bring our authors’ stories to new platforms, new audiences and new commercial opportunities.” 

The partnership not only opens up new frontiers for both companies, but new horizons for authors as well. The first IP that the companies will collaborate on is the adaptation of a fantasy epic, THE KINDRED CHRONICLES, into an animation series. The author of the book, David Anthony Chan, explains, “Participating in the animation adaptation of my book, as a producer and writer, pushes me to learn new skills in storytelling. It is a challenge that I gladly embrace as it helps me to grow as a creator and communicate to a different audience base. It is exciting to see what I have described in written form taking new life in a visual medium.”

HIP Studios and 8Letters are committed to respecting and protecting the rights of the IP creators and owners as they open up new opportunities for them. The collaboration will involve careful adaptation of 8Letters’ titles into captivating visual content, ensuring the integrity of the original works while exploring creative avenues for storytelling. 


For more media information and enquiries, please contact: 

Chan Gin Kai [email protected] +65-9826-7544

Cindy Wong [email protected] +852-6690-5941

David Anthony Chan [email protected] ‭+63-917-623-2843‬

About HIP Studios

HIP Studios is a Singapore-based company with offices in Cebu and Sydney. A specialist in intellectual property (IP) development, management and consultancy, HIP Studios represents a vast library of entertainment assets from creators across Asia and Australia. The company develops strategies to maximize opportunities for IP owners through various avenues, including licensing, franchising and productions. It facilitates collaborations across various sectors in the global entertainment industry. HIP Studios believes in protecting and promoting the rights of IP creators. https://www.facebook.com/HIPstudiosSG/

About 8Letters

8Letters is a Philippine-based company with an office in Hong Kong. A dynamic hybrid books publisher, the company is dedicated to empowering independent authors and bringing their stories to a global audience. With a fast growing and diverse catalog of over 500 titles, 8Letters is at the forefront of innovation in the publishing industry. https://www.8lettersbooks.com/


The Kindred Chronicles: Between Two Worlds, published by 8Letters and available in Amazon, is the critically acclaimed urban fantasy adventure about an idealistic young man who discovers that the girl of his dreams belongs to the ruling house of an ancient superhuman race; he reluctantly joins her and her duty-bound fiancé in a secret brewing war between mankind and kindredkind.

About the Philippine Book Festival

The Philippine Book Festival is the country’s largest traveling book festival. Organized by the National Book Development Board (NBDB), the unique book fair integrates education, entertainment, tourism, and shopping into a single event for everyone of all ages to enjoy at no cost. This year’s edition takes place at the World Trade Center from April 25 to 28.

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