Inborn Dreams daniel indic
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The Dream Chose the Dreamer | An Excerpt from Inborn Dreams by Daniel Indic

Inborn Dreams daniel indic

In our society today, our dream is what others tell us to dream. So, the dreamer chooses the wrong dream. Yet, your very dream which you are born with will always choose you—the dream chose the dreamer. This will always be the truth.

The soil chose the tree, and the sky chose the birds, and you will never see a bird choose to swim or a fish choose to fly—they were chosen by their gift. So like you, you can’t just decide to abandon your dreams. Just as the sky is waiting for the birds, so your dream is waiting for you because it chose you even before you were conceived. Nature teaches us everything about being in the right place in life, as you would never see a tree walking in the streets or fish running in the jungle. And this dream advertisement will choose a dream for you, which will not help you maximize your potential, will not help you grow, not make you the person you’re supposed to become, and you will not enjoy living it for the rest of your life. However, the truth will always remain hidden in your life that it is your dream who chose you, and you just have to rediscover it.

Mark Zuckerberg was driven to live out his passion and his dream as if it was his dream that chose him. He did not have any choice but to leave college and break the tradition and face people’s disapproval just to fulfill the dream that chose him. Though he did have a choice either not to respond to his dream and live just like the rest of the people or to respond and live to the fullest. He did chose the right thing, and that is the only thing that you must learn—to be driven by your dream because it chose you!

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