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SitanSinta: A Poetry Book Embracing Love and Death

Last 26th of June 2024, 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing released its new poetry book titled SitanSinta by Job. It is collection of poems written in two languages, Filipino and English, which explores the tomes of transcendence by expressing the bittersweet reminiscence of love and death.

The inspiration of the book came through from the own journey of the author, Job, in dealing with love and death. According to the author, “…it is a letter to everything that I’ve gained, found, and forever lost. A dedication to the love that is beyond the romantic and to the deaths that are beyond the physical.”  For individuals who have suffered and is currently suffering from an unseen death, SitanSinta becomes a helping hand.

Apart from its purpose, SitanSinta becomes a unique collection through and only through the eyes of its readers. The original intent of writing the collection was to shelter the wandering ghosts of love and death. However, for others, it can be nothing, but mere words and spaces written to entertain, or it can maybe become a mound of unsent letters, or it can also be an unmitigated grief, a wake for fading memories, and many more.

“It can be anything,” the author says.

It can be anything but apathy.

When asked about the message of the author to its readers, it wishes SitanSinta to become a place of comfort for the one reading it. A place comfortable enough for people to truly feel their emotions and feelings.

As for the aspiring authors, Job says:

Dare. Dare to write it. Dare to do what you wish to do. Enjoy the journey, walk forward with your ghosts, and look back kindly to the paths you’ve made, found and lost.

Grab your copy now and be home with love and death.

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