Publishing in the Philippines

Your Stories Going Places – In One Condition

When I first published my story, all I ever wanted was to be read.

Publishing in the Philippines? This one’s for you.

Imagine writing a story, and only a few people could and would read it. Growing up, I only had my sister as the reader of comics I created and stories I wrote. Sometimes, my mom would after I forced her. Well, she’s not a keen reader.

As a young writer, it was enough. 1.5 readers? Why not? I was happy creating.

The thought of my work reaching my classmates would kill me. You see, I was not happy about my work.

What if they point out the wrong things about it? What if they criticize me?

I am only but an impostor. How to Fight the Imposter Syndrome?

As years passed by, as I continue to write, and joined writing communities, I experienced having exchanges with readers and writers. They read what I wrote and I was ecstatic knowing that they liked my work.

I mean, me? Cindy? I’m not a professional writer. I’m just the type of person who likes to read and write. That’s all.

Publishing in the philippines | Your stories going places

But being read? People telling me that I should go further? I finally found a tiny bit of confidence.

This encouraged me to become a “real writer”, because why not?

But where do I start? A decade ago, there was no publishing company that would take me. I submitted my manuscripts but got no response.

How can I continue with this path?

Should I give up?

I looked around me and found writers like me who don’t know how to continue writing – some of them abandoned the idea altogether. They focused on their careers instead, forgetting the passion they once had.

I don’t know what came to me, but I thought if there are no doors opening for me and to my writers, why don’t I create that door?

That way, we can all go together in achieving our dreams of becoming a writer. Our stories will one day go to places.

Publishing in the Philippines

The rest is pretty much history.

I’ll save it for later, but basically, it took us years to get it right.

I wanted to give up the dream so many times, but there was this force that told me to keep going.

Where We’ll Get Your Books to

Now our books have reached Hong Kong, Singapore, and the USA. It has reached the world through our distribution partners.

Now, we’re opening a bookstore cafe in Cebu. Famous schools and businesses would like to partner with us.

We also partnered with the National Book Development Board, The Indie Publishers Collab PH and the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

I’m glad I kept going.

You should too… That’s the condition and your stories will go places.

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