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8Letters Introduces “Look to the South”: An Exciting Sci-Fi Collection for Mindanao Fans

We are delighted to announce the upcoming release of “Look to the South,” a captivating collection of science fiction stories intricately connected to the events described in the renowned Pinoy Sci-Fi novel, “Fate of a Distant Future.” Designed exclusively for the avid Mindanao fans of Pinoy Sci-fi, this supplementary book is set to unveil thrilling “WTF” moments that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

“Look to the South” will make its highly anticipated debut at the prestigious Mindanao Philippine Book Fair on August 18. As a tribute to the Mindanao region’s passionate sci-fi community, this release ensures that Mindanao fans will have the opportunity to be the first to delve into the enthralling narratives that interweave with the events of “Fate of a Distant Future.”

To secure your copy of this must-have collection, 8Letters is pleased to open reservations starting July 18. Mindanao fans are encouraged to reserve their copies by clicking this link here. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to be among the first to uncover the captivating stories presented in “Look to the South.”

“Look to the South” promises an enthralling reading experience, featuring a rich tapestry of science fiction tales deeply rooted in the vibrant world of Mindanao. With its unique blend of imagination, suspense, and thought-provoking themes, this collection is a tribute to the creativity and talent of Pinoy Sci-fi authors.

For further updates and information on “Look to the South” and other exciting releases from 8Letters, please visit our official website at www.8lettersbooks.com and follow us on social media platforms.

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