Ten Halloween Business Ideas You Can Start Right Now

Halloween is just around the corner and many business-minded people would take this opportunity to earn some extra bucks. Aside from the usual trick or treat, we’ve come up with the following business ideas you can start on your own:

  • Costume Rental Shop: Sky is the limit for costumes you can sell, from monstrous masks to bloody blankets; from mummy tissues to milk carton box. Having a portfolio that showcases your creativity would also help so remember to gather at least ten photos of it and start contacting potential customers. 
  • Halloween Make-up Services: From Elsa of Frozen to Sadako, there are plenty of make-up tutorials on Youtube which you can practice on. Just remember to invest on a good make-up cleanser for easy removal. The least thing we need is a client dying of heart attack after looking at themselves in the mirror the next day. 
  • Scented candle: All you need are wax, wicks, fragrance oils and a double boiler. With the stress of the pandemic, everybody needs a refreshing aroma. Going out and having to wear masks all the time, our noses are looking to smell something fresh. Want to have a good night sleep? Go for lavender. Something livelier? Go for orange. 
  • Organize a Halloween themed house decoration contest in your neighborhood. Christmas is not the only holiday where you can play around with decorations. Cob webs are easy to make with tissues, and cotton. Or how about a dementor with a pumpkin face in front of your house? Ask your neighbors to donate to your cause if they’d like to join the contest, but think of unique prizes they can win too so they’ll be more motivated to join. 
  • Start your scary podcast. With Anchor, starting a podcast has never been easier. Think of a theme, decide on the number of episodes and start recording. The free app also includes a variety of sound effects you can use for free. 
  • Write horror stories. Why not start a website where you can post stories. The more stories, the better the traffic, the better chances for getting advertisers to notice your blog. Aside from stories, you can also post scary photos to complete the ambiance of the site. 
  • Sell Halloween-themed candies, desserts and food outside your home. Street food never goes out of style, but the more creative you can get, the more fun it would look like and the more people would surely buy from you (regardless of their ages):
Bloody Red Velvet Cupcakes

Looking for easy Halloween treats? How about my Chocolate Monster Halloween Cookies? Super cute, fun and easy to make chocolate sandwich cookies with coloured vanilla buttercream filling.

  • Sell Halloween-themed pots for plantitas and plantitos: Spooky plants exist. Check out red spider lily, bat flower, ghost plant, doll’s eye, devil’s claw and corpse flower. If you find it difficult to find these plants in your area, how about a Halloween-themed pot? 
  • Read tarot cards: You can choose between oracle and tarot cards. Both can suck your energies for good so best to limit your readings and ask your customers to book in advance. 
  • Produce a horror-themed play or film: How about a 15-minute clip that is easy to produce and edit? You can sell tickets online and have a zoom show as well. 

What do you think of the above ideas? Take your pick and let us know how it goes. For a more in-depth entrepreneurial lesson, check out Passion Hustles by Cindy Wong.

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