Jenelyn Leyble

Jenelyn Alegonero Leyble hails from Lambunao, Iloilo, Philippines. She grew up in the humble town of Tapaz, Capiz, and has spent the last seven
years as a domestic migrant worker in Singapore. She is an active volunteer of Uplifters, CDE, and Migrant Writers of Singapore, infusing her experiences into her captivating literary creations. With a passion for both volunteering and the arts, Jenelyn seamlessly intertwines her love for writing with her commitment to community service. Believing in the adage “Always write from your heart and you will not go wrong,” she pours her soul into every piece she produces. She started writing when she was in elementary school. She participates in several poetry and writing competitions. Even at her early age, she was already on stage, delivering declamations and spoken-word poetry pieces. And yet, all of that was just the beginning—a process of germination where she’d cultivated the seeds and let them grow into full-fledged plants. In high school, her love for literature stayed on and continued. Her teachers in English and History trained and honed her to become a better writer. They brought her to literary competitions and eventually appointed her as Editor-in-Chief of their school publication, with their constant guidance.