7 Years of Roar: A Journey to the Lion City by Jenelyn Alegonero Leyble


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In this moving collection, Jenelyn Leyble shares her journey as a migrant domestic worker through heartfelt poems and texts. Each piece conveys deep personal and universal stories.

“Mother from Afar” especially resonates with me as a mother, illustrating the profound sacrifices made by those who leave their families to provide for them by caring for other people’s children and loved ones. her work transcends personal pain, offering a broader narrative of love, loss and resilience.

As CEO of an NGO for migrant workers, I’ve seen such challenges firsthand. Jenelyn’s writings are a call to action- they urge us to recognize, understand, and advocate for migrant workers worldwide.

May this collection inspire change and foster more inclusive, just societies.

– Marie Kretz Di Meglio, Founder and CEO, Uplifters

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