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The road to love is often set by the unpredictable hands of time, which decides when two souls who are meant to be together cross paths or just miss each other’s embrace.

In this collection of short stories, read about the delicate dance of chance and fate, where the path of love is tied to the whims of time.

  • At the Hayashi’s Pharmacy by August Jaune
  • Blue Moon by Alyssa Caballero
  • Earth Hour by Zeicara Saerin
  • Letters Sent; Love in Return by Rosanna B. Daep
  • Love, There It Is Again by Yasmin Estrella
  • Magic in an Abandoned Theme Park by Cristine Maur
  • Meeting Romeo by Khristian Pimentel
  • Sandwich for Two by Ria Ronen
  • Together in Spirit by Jameila Barrientos
  • Welcome to the Sing-Song Café by Dominique Gonzaga-Sulatra
  • Worth the Wait by Liez Regidor

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