Visual Cortex | R.C. Pascua


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We can see things and visualize images through our eyes and our own visual system. Everything we see and are familiar with, the brain interprets as our own reality. But how do we navigate through our lives when we are going through unfamiliar territory and experiences? What happens when we lose our sense of sight, or we are in total darkness? The genius behind the science of the visual system far outweighs its intricacies. It will bring us to the beauty of our visual apparatus from the eye through its connection and interconnections to the whole brain. And in any damage or lesion affecting each part of the pathway, the brain does not stop creating new connections and re-creating the function that was lost – that’s why WE DO NOT LOSE OUR CAPACITY TO SEE. Rather, we emerge to have a sense of vision that can see the invisible, that is able to believe that anything is possible when you believe. We have the power to deliberately choose how to see our world more than how we imagined it to be. And because our brain works based on what we feed it, we can either dispel its power or unleash its potential. We are not our past or our history. We are not even our future because we decide our moment now. We decide our story.

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