The Silence of Stars and Other Stories | Carmel Ilustrisimo




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In these seven stories, different characters ponder on the meaning of life through its remnants. Life straddles death and death haunts life with an even stronger, though invisible force. Multiple characters from the past, present and future struggle to find the balance between trauma and nostalgia, hope and dread. Prepare to be transported to the Second World War, a doll case, a high school in the late 2000s, a haunted ancestral houses, Duterte-era Manila, the aftermath of Earth’s destruction, and a utopian society; and rediscover both the pain and beauty of memory.

Carmel Ilustrisimo has a BFA in Creative Writing (ADMU 2017) and is taking her MA at the University of Santo Tomas. Her works have appeared in the Philippines Graphic Reader, Likhaan Journal and NCCA’s Ubod Anthology, among other publications. She works as a Creative Writing teacher and freelance writer.


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