The Science of the COVID Pandemic | Timothy Spearman


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In times of plague, whether its invasive species like locusts, murder hornets, killer bees, lamprey eel or carp, or whether its plagues like HIV/AIDS or strains of the flu, there is a tendency to blame them all on foreigners and give them foreign names, because the source of all plagues seems to be the “other,” all those who are not as we are. Hence, CoViD-19 was originally dubbed the China virus, or the Wuhan Flu. But what if this so-called virus is not simply a medical and physiological phenomenon, but rather a key player in a more sinister plan? What if computer technology is complicit in altering our bodies, minds, behaviors, and eventually, the entire ecosystem? In The Science of the COVID Pandemic, Timothy Spearman uncovers all the layers, theories, and controversies surrounding the virus, and how, in the hands of the rich and powerful, it can become a biodigital weapon that could manipulate our very existence.

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