The Girl from the Inn | M.C. Tolfo | Fantasy


M.C. Tolfo had been making up stories since he was a kid. Now, he spends most of his time making video games for a big company, while other times, he spends it watching movies with his wife and son. Every now and then, he plays Dungeons and Dragons with his nerdy friends. He also writes sometimes.

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Cassana dreams of being a wizard. But when her mother fell ill, she left her prestigious magic school to care for her and manage their family inn in a rustic mountain village.

Minos is an ambitious explorer on a quest to find the long-lost Sword of the Godslayer. With his enigmatic, masked companion Rei, his journey leads him to Cassana’s quiet hometown.

When the bold Cassana meets the arrogant Minos, their personalities clash, sparking a fierce rivalry. But as a band of marauding drows descends upon the village, bringing chaos and destruction, they will have to confront each other and put aside their differences. With innocent lives at stake, Cassana and Minos must work together to protect her home.

United by fate, divided by pride, tested by evil.


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