The Fickleness of 9 PM | Angelica Naelga


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‘Breathe in, hold, exhale, hold, and repeat’ they say, but as soon as I stop thinking all’s okay, it comes speeding like a car in full throttle. So I started naming five things I could see, hear, and touch at the moment. For instance: I can see my hands, my phone, the fan, a new notification on the screen, and the darkness in my room; I can hear the pitter patter of the rain on the roof, the sound of the fan, the beat of my heart, the faint sound of vehicles, and somehow the silence of the dark; I am able to run my hands and touch the sheets of the bed, scratch my leg, feel the cold floor, cover my mouth as I yawned, and feel my eyes close as the thoughts in my head subdue.
Author’s bio: Angelica Naelga has an unusual hobby of observing their surroundings and then write something about it—sometimes of people, most times of their emotions. When an inspiration comes in mind, she immediately jots it in her phone’s notepad which by now, is full of unfinished entries long to be completed. As a night owl, she prefers to write at night where everything is silent but the thoughts in her head. Also, mushroom soup and vanilla ice cream are her comfort food.

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