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The Dark is Waiting to Sing is the first ever book anthology of “The Filipino Writers”. It encompasses the different styles and poetic voices of each contributor, with themes ranging from the soft hush of whispered love poems to the raging angst of depression penned with darkened indigo lines, making this an emotive compilation of fervent poetry. This book captures different pen strokes, in varying shades, tempo, and intensity. It peels the skin of darkness and unveils its soul-deep scars for the whole world to see. 

Reading this after being stunned by a breakup message (or the lack of it), drowned by morbid thoughts and anxiety, nursing wounds through a sweating glass of rum, troubled by the trivialities, and veiled by a patchwork of threaded thoughts, we hope that you enjoy each flip. 

Some poems featured in this collection are painful resemblances of isolation. Some bear stories devoid of healing. Most carry the phantoms of dusk, but each one vibrates with the undertone of a step forward. This is a woven tapestry of tender caveats and vivid hopes. 

These are pages crafted by readers for the readers

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