Take Me a Hundred Years Back | Cam | PinoySciFi | Young Adult


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Take Me a Hundred Years Back | Cam | PinoySciFi | Young Adult
ISBN: 978-621-479-268-9

It’s 2122, but Crisper wishes she was born a hundred years back. The flying cars and other innovations that people expected a hundred years ago didn’t come true, and people went back to medieval times because of the massive paranoia that turned the world against science. Scientists were prosecuted and forced into hiding, including Crisper’s family. Crisper envisions a world where she returns science to what she thinks is its rightful place — will she be successful in doing so?

About the author:

Cam is a Registered Microbiologist, having graduated Bachelor of Science in Biology major in Microbiology, cum laude, from the University of the Philippines Los Baños. Despite her love of science evident in her educational background, she found solace and purpose with writing, and is now working as a freelance writer for multiple clients and as a content manager for a start-up company. Cam is also a women’s empowerment advocate, believing that taking care of women’s health is the same as taking care of women’s rights. Follow her on her socials: https://www.facebook.com/camwritesforu (Facebook), @camadajar (IG), @CamAdajar (Twitter).

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