Symphony of Suns The First Movement | Raine Rillera | Novella


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The musical realm of Periqoth is governed by the principles of the Merisys, where one’s station in life is determined by their musical skills and abilities. Iroha, a talented violinist haunted by a tragic past, defies the ruling system by hiding her true musical aptitude. Through a fateful encounter with Thyssen, the God of Music, Iroha discovers that she and the god share a mission that would take them not only to the farthest reaches of Periqoth but to the depths of the human soul.

As the world learns to harness the power of its three suns, ushering in an age of superior instruments, equipment, and weaponry, conflicts arise between Virtuosos, working Musicians, and non-musical laborers. Together, Iroha and Thyssen must bridge the divide between the warring classes to restore harmony to a world that has lost its tune.


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