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“Will you still practice Architecture even when you are already teaching?” 

This was the final question asked by the panel of interviewers during my teaching demo when I first entered the academe. I told the panel that I still planned on continuing the  practice so I can impart real-life experiences and lessons to the  students.  

The practice of Architecture has brought me a lot of  lessons. I admit that there were times when I doubted being in  this course and was scared that I would only end up as a mediocre  practitioner in the field. But indeed, architecture played a  large portion in my life. This has been my career, my creative  space, and the facet where I met my husband. For me,  Architecture is a place where creative people could grow and  develop their selves further. More than the late-night plates and  intense school submissions, Architecture is like a roller coaster  ride where there are many ups and downs, slow and fast  movements. It is scary yet thrilling and exciting because at the  end of the ride, one can say: I survived it! 

There were many stories in this field of practice. Bad  stories, good stories, terrifying ones, inspirational ones, but all of  it provided us with life-lessons. I was inspired to write this book about Architecture because I wanted to share those stories. This  book is divided into two parts. Part 2 “Arki na Ako” is a walk down  memory lane to all those in the profession and contain bits of  advice inspired by true stories

Either you are currently an Architect or are planning to  take up the licensure, then may this book be a friend to you, and may your wisdom gained upon reading this book be shared with others. This book is not my story alone.  

Mga ka-Arki, this is our story.

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