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“This book is a great addition to your Steampunk collection.”

Treated like Cinderella, Sandy is not only pushed into service but she is deprived of her inheritance. A chance encounter with her fairy god-phantom turns her life around. Instead of a glass slipper, he gives her a glass leg and arm. She seeks revenge and beguiles the Duke’s son. How will she navigate her way in High Society as a performer? Will she risk her heart or her freedom for the Duke’s love? This story is set in an alternative Victorian London where entertainment is a commodity and the Steam Theatre hold power over the ton. What’s in this book: a Steampunk twist to a classic tale, a glass leg instead of a glass slipper and a guest appearance of the Phantom of the Steam Theatre. Enter the Steam Theatre, where entertainment is world-class. Be served and waited on by tiny automatons. Let steam and lights guide you. Only the finest performers may present. Unsavory bunches are not allowed. Come and see… Strapped for dosh? Bargain with the Steam Theatre’s mysterious master, the Phantom Exter Bricomann. What will you be willing to exchange for your heart’s desire? Love or limb? Whichever you take, you will be baptized in steam before you can even perform.

* * *
“Tell me your name,” he urged.
“Cassandra,” she answered.
“Your real name,” he urged. He was really enthralled. Everything about her intrigued him.
“Cassandra but my father called me Sandy,” she whispered. Her hair was red but the roots seemed light. It must have been flaxen before the reds were applied.
“Sandy,” he breathed. “Will you be mine, Sandy?”
Cassandra turned away. “You only like what you see not what you know. I am yours for a week but nothing more.” “Should it be only a week?” He teased.
He took her glass hand and brought it to his lips. “If you’d let me, I would like to know more of you.”
She frowned. “If I’d let you, you might break my heart and it is more fragile than glass.”
“How do I unlock Sandy?”
“When you see past the glass…”

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