Something Temporary | Christian Leocadio


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We stared endlessly at the mirror, mystified and in a haze, unraveling the mystery behind the sudden cascading of emotions and thoughts. We scrutinized our reflection and minutes later, everything turned into normal. Again, it doesn’t last and tomorrow it will surely be forgotten how it ran through our veins.

This is reminiscent of those feelings and thoughts adapted into letters forming a full picture of this bewildering and intense ride of emotions from different persons and perspectives. The pen came alive, reliving those palpable scenes that we suddenly wanted to treasure, thinking that maybe when we’re feeling mundane, our selves will be transported into the storm and paradise we once visited through this montage.

Something Temporary is a collection of prose and poetry where fleeting thoughts and temporary feelings of different perspectives from different nights are written into something forever.

Christian Leocadio is a writer of short stories, poetries, and novels. Solitude and silence are his heavens. He likes being challenged, even though he sucks at managing his time.

He’s also one of the contributors to the first edition of Circles Magazine and one of the authors in the PinoyScifi Anthology book entitled “Detachable” under the pen name of Cal Beauregard, published by the 8letters Bookstore and Publishing.

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