Skin and Bones | Aphro Apollo | Poetry & Prose




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ISBN: 978-621-479-201-6

To the new person that I am this season, I promise that I will love you even better. From this moment, I’ll start embracing everything that makes up who you are. From the scars and scores of your skin to the tiniest cracks of your bones; I will love you no matter what. I will start listening to that inner-child I once refused to listen to. I want to feel how to be proud of you again, to look in the mirror every morning and just be in awe of the way life transformed you. I need to make you feel how special and needed you are before I told you that you weren’t good enough.

This book is not just a compilation of poetry and prose. It is a masterpiece containing the Author’s raw emotions, experiences, life lessons and just realistic thoughts that resonate with anybody’s life, relationship and even career. If you’re looking for the right sign to begin again, this book is for you.


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