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Silakbo: Real Essays of Love & Heartbreak | Various Authors | The Indiependent Collective

Love always seems magical until it happens to you.

Until it shows up bare, naked. With no hint of perfection. Flawed. Hideous. 

Until you are drawn to the realization that none of what the world has made you believe about love was true. 

Read this anthology of love stories and discover what lies behind the unseen— how relationships come and go, how friendships fall apart, and how, by chance or by luck, some people miraculously end up with whom they were always meant to be with since the beginning of time.

This is for the lovers. The parents. The sibling. The lost. This is for anyone whose heart longs to know there is warmth in the blazing heat. Although love might burn us, the healing scar would remind us that the matches once gave us light. 

That love, no matter its beat, would always leave trails of hope.

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