SIEMPRE: Koleksyon ng Pag-ibig | Ashlee Nicole Pacifico


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SIEMPRE: Koleksyon ng Pag-ibig | Ashlee Nicole Pacifico

The Spanish word “Siempre” means “always” or “always and ever.”. When it comes to a constant, it’s love that I’m certain of. Siempre: Koleksyon ng Pag-ibig is a miscellany of poetry and short write-ups written in both English and Filipino that deals with various types of love.

Originally orchestrated as dedication, it slowly evolved into an outpouring of affection that seamlessly transitioned the emotions of the first few readers. Even those who have lost hope of ever finding love again will indeed find meaning and inspiration in the author’s debut book, which she has written with a huge heart, relentless passion, and an ardent soul.

So if you’re feeling a little lost in the perilous path and whirlwind of love, this is the book for you.


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