Shoot to the Stars | Vittena Vibar | Romance


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What if you were given a chance to life, to relive dreams and hopes with no bounds, and to love with no limits… except for time?

A diagnosis of an incurable neurodegenerative disorder severed Kerri’s time shorter than willed, foreshadowing an early demise. Fate leads her to a serendipitous meeting with Jared, an eccentric Hollywood musician and spontaneous philosopher, who grapples within himself a longing to fill an inner void. Jared carries Kerri under his wings as she finds her epiphany in a Hollywood musical cult.

In a culture deeply entrenched in pop idol reverence, Kerri and Jared embark on restless yet whimsical adventures along the philosophical strings of love, dreams, and fate while navigating the distractive glamour and excess as they edge towards powerful awakenings in search of life’s meaning.

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