She Lies in Wait | Marius ND | Makata | Poetry


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What a special delight to see how the author continues to be so enamored with language as these memorable lines reveal. “… with only the sky as our company”; “The smell of sunshine and joy filled the air”; “They left a trail of moonlight whenever they went”; “…like an abandoned marionette on a broken stage”; “The darkness creeps in through the windows of my mind,” And that as stated in the introduction. “Writing is a very important part of who I am.” Indeed.

Able to belt out either Cobain or Callas at the drop of a hat, or deftly discuss the nuances of prog rock and quadratic formulas in the same breath, it is on the blank page, as this poetry collection proves, where Marius and all forms of rhapsodies, bohemian or otherwise, most sublimely coalesce.

– Neni Sta. Romana Cruz
Founding Director
Where the Write Things Are

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