Schemata | Russel Neil P. Yumang


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Our lives are a montage of different vivid experiences, flashing splendidly like a creative motion picture. Every clip and sequence depicts an event—be it highly ecstatic or deeply chaotic—that is undeniably significant. The montage continuously plays, until every experience settles in organized portions and locations of our dynamic cognition. Time passes by, and the montage becomes longer; as we wake up, and as we dream, we live to remember fragments of our experiences in various specifics moments in our entire living.

Schemata” is a compendium of poems and verses that clearly paints mental images of man’s daily experiences, from the darkest to the brightest ones. It is a bundle of freely-flowing poetry that tells tales of different personae from different lenses of life. “Schemata” explores the interesting lengths, widths, and depths of human experiences, wrapped within the beauty of poetry’s garments.

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