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“Requirements” is a 31-piece collection of prose and poetries written by Xy Aldrae Murillo with recurring ideas of complying with the “requirements” of life along with growth and maturity. Written in January with themes of recalling the past year, its mistakes and breakthroughs, and hopes that this year will start better starting this January, each entry symbolizes a day in the progress of setting goals to achieve more. Along the entire collection, entries can be in the form of prose or poetry. Poems and other poetic literary forms show the reminiscent side of “Requirements,” while flash fictions and other prose literary forms show the realistic side of “Requirements.”

The title of the collection, “Requirements” can both represent the literal requirements, such as in application processes or requirements to submit in schools and offices, and the abstract requirements, which all encapsulate aligning with life necessities. Each entry is a small scope of some of the most notable requirements that everyone has experienced throughout their lives. Especially to the author itself, where he encounters a lot of submission of requirements as a current student, this anthology is deeply relatable to every scale.

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