Quarantine Wisdom and Other Absurdities | Mitos Suson | Memoir


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Who would have thought, that the world would just shut down? Borders and restrictions were imposed. With people’s isolation, came uncertainty, depression, and heightened anxieties. When all the doors were closed, there was nowhere left to go but within. I decided to deal with the solitude by blogging. Quarantine Wisdom is a compilation of those musings. And can’t life be strange? We were riding out the crest of a pandemic wave in relative organic luxury, but towards the end, we were plunged head-on collision with a calamity that threatened to change the course of our lives.

Mitos Suson is born and raised in Cebu, Philippines. She has lived in Frankfurt, Germany, Santiago de Chile, and the United States of America. ‘A Doorbell, A Dictator, A Dad’ is her debut memoir and a healing journey that reflects upon the confusion of childhood under martial law in the Philippines, the impact of her father’s arrest as a political detainee and the disintegration of her sheltered family’s privileged life. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in History. She has returned to her roots in the Philippines and produced her second book during the pandemic, a creative non-fiction memoir based on true events, “Shards of Time.” Pandemic Blogrolls is a compilation of blogs during the quarantine period as we wrap up 2021. Check me out here: http://www.mitossuson.com

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