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“Pinoy Impact: Journey of Looking Back and Moving Forward” is a powerful collection of stories that capture the transformative experiences of women working overseas. Curated by the dedicated team at Pinoy Impact, a Hong Kong-based organization founded in 2018 by Shiela Cancino and Catalina Magno, this book is a testament to the resilience and triumphs of our modern heroes.

Readers get a glimpse into the lives of these women through articulate and moving accounts, offering witness to their struggles and victories. Pinoy Impact has established a name for itself as a beacon of hope, providing these overseas workers a platform to tell stories and make their voices heard.

This anthology is more than just a compilation of tales – it is a call to action, shining a spotlight on the need for greater representation and visibility for Hong Kong’s domestic migrant worker community. “Pinoy Impact: Journey of Looking Back and Moving Forward” is a journey of empowerment, inspiration, and change, embodying the essence of Pinoy Impact’s commendable efforts.

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