Phrases and Phases of a Sadness-Ridden Mind | Francisco C. Pineda Jr.


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The same non-moving entities
started looking back because of me,
the paper formed into effigies—
molded and sculptured so delicately
Saw teardrops that came from last year
heard voice messages I wished I didn’t hear
got flashbacks within the black gears
so translucent through glass that’s unclear
Dedicated like an enslaved public figure
forced to follow suit via fear of a trigger
pulled and bent back, tension growing bigger,
just to stop death, had to butcher off my finger
It’s why I despise remembering the past
always so unnerving and leaves me too aghast
runs up on me like a scintillated rash,
stops my perambulation with its strenuous grasp
“The trinkets that got left behind”

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