Paracosm of Serendipity | Mark Agustin Lee


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In this realm of wonder, lived a boy named Serendipity whose heart was filled with constant curiosity. He explored every corner of his Paracosm with glee. Diving into the depths, he found treasures aplenty.

One day, as he wandered through a forest of green. He stumbled upon an old book, tattered and unseen. Its pages were full of mysteries. Serendipity knew this could lead to something swell. So he took the book and tucked it under his arms and set off on a journey to unravel its charm.

As he walked, he read the pages with care. Until suddenly, his surroundings began to change. He can see all of his dreamt future through the trees and its possibilities.

In that moment, he realized the power of serendipity. That sometimes, the things we find are not by our own affinity. But by chance or fate, they come into our path and lead us to discoveries beyond what we ever had.

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