Paper Cranes | Alvin B. Cruz | Haiku | Makata


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With over a hundred new poems, this new collection by award-winning poet Alvin B. Cruz explores a gamut of relevant themes, both socially and personally, using the three popular forms of traditional.

Japanese short verse: haiku, senryu, and tanka. Once again, he touches on the timeless and universal psyche of human experience, but this time with more honesty and boldness.
From childhood memories, coming of age, the beginning and end of love, coming to grips with the war and the pandemic, to finding personal solace in the beauty of art, Paper Cranes in an ode to our undying hopes and dreams.
Joe Woodhouse
Editor, Wales Haiku Journal
“Each poem in Paper Cranes draws you into the now, asking you to sit a while and soak up a series of poignant, striking moments in the timeline of a life. It is a book that opens up on the wonderful confusion of living today: the joy, the anger, the longing, the loss, and very importantly, the celebration of being.”
Patricia McGuire
Editor, Poetry Pea Journal
“Paper Cranes will take you on a poignant journey through the wonderment of life to the grief of life lost, stopping at many emotional stations in between…”
Roberta Beach Jacobson
Editor, Cold Moon Journal
“Paper Cranes is Alvin B. Cruz’s new collection of tanka, haiku, and senryu. The internationally published and award-winning poet offers up introspective, insightful, and intelligent suprises on every page. The book is flawlessly arranged into chapters focusing on love, bealing, loss, and memories. Such subject matter resonates with us all. Paper Cranes is a highly recommended read for poets and non-poets alike.”

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