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Submarine Vengador
Near Ayungin Shoal
Year One, September 19, Wednesday, 0130H

Analyzing from the pictures he had just opened and the aerial maps, it clearly matched what is above them. Surrounded by a small atoll and the ship’s No. 57 painted in already faded white on a very rusty metal hull, it is named as the Sierra Madre after a mountain range in Luzon island. “Make an approach on the opening on the exposed point,” Chito instructed one of the crew and turned to his weapons officer. “We need to fire three salvos.”

The first one is to soften the shoal where that ship is moored. The second will make an initial blow and the third will have a destructive impact on the superstructure. That will do the job,” Chico grinned. For once in his life, this is going to be the first time that he will be initiating a live torpedo attack against any foreign vessel. During his stint as a naval officer in the Colombian Navy where he had commanded the ARC Intrepido, a Type 209 class submarine, he was only involved in live fire drills but never in actual combat.

“Ok, senior, you may fire when ready. Our principals are expecting results any moment from now,” Commander Freddy, reminded him again and went back with the other Filipino guerrillas, turned around and went to his seat.

“Let’s see what this old workhorse can do. Brace yourselves,” Chico shouted in excitement after clearing his throat as sweat began to flow on his forehead with some degree of apprehension and released his voice with an increasing crescendo. “Fuego!”

A few seconds later, three tubes exploded and threw torpedoes on the way to their target. Speeding on its target, its deadly payload can surely destroy its target in no time. Chico breathed slowly as he watched from the periscope as he witnessed the deaths of those Filipino marines above. Filled with satisfaction, he took another cigarette while watching the spectacle from a distance.

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