Necrosis | Alyssa Caballero | Psychological Romance | Thriller


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A slow death is something people fear, yet others see it as their reality.

Tristan, a successful business strategist, was often described as a person who was giving and kind. He often put other people first and helped them out as much as possible, even to the extent of his comfort. He was the sun that shone on darker days until someone he trusted broke his heart and doused his flames. Soon, he found himself scrambling for light.

Lana, a mere second-hand bookstore clerk, was the kind of girl who stayed silent and passive despite the amount of turmoil hurled at her. From her abusive home to her everyday life, she was the person who accepted everything without a fight. She accepted her fate and had communed with the darkness itself. It was her normal until a droplet of sun fell right in front of her.

Living in two different worlds, Tristan and Lana navigated life in Davao with varying lenses. Despite their clashing reality and experiences, they found a grey area where they found their haven. However, external forces deem it unfit for them to be together. Will they prevail and find solace in their small gray world? Or will these forces be successful in driving them apart?

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