Name Your Fist After Tenderness | Admer Balingan


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“name your fist after tenderness” is admer balingan’s third collection of poetry and prose that reveals the most dreaded truth within the household. it is borne out from his honest observation of the living bodies which he associates to “men and women, merely beggars of sleep”.

written from the point of view of a 21-year old– frankly destitute kamayo poet–  admer revels in the power of unrestricted expression through written literature. here, he has bravely spoken the often unspeakable terror he remembers from childhood. he wants to write about it as his way to reclaim his voice by telling unapologetically what he went through and conquered as a child. 

he has also gone beyond the personal level which makes the subjects tackled in this book varied. however, this is not what one expects to be conventional; he went the opposite side, challenging himself to write what one doesn’t often discuss in poems and elaborate through prose.  

this is his ghastly confrontation of the truth. this lacks the fragrance of home, biography of roof, softness of leaves, openness of hands; however, this is also an exploration of underlying tenderness especially in all places where it is most forgotten and unnamed.

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