My High School Fairytale: A Young Adult Romance Collection | Maita Rue

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Tandem Tales is an imprint of Komikasi Publishing. Each book contains two to three stories by a Filipino author grouped into collections. This book contains three heart-warming High School Romance based on classic fairytales without the witches and goblins. There is something magical in surviving tragedy and finding love. We hope you enjoy these stories.

The Little Mermaid Girl
After an accident that sent Swimming Varsity Erika Reyna confined to a wheelchair, she delves into depression. One miracle pill gives her a chance to dance during prom and encounter the Prince of the Basket Ball Varsity, Aaron Nagano. Will this be her High School Fairytale?

Nerdy and the Beast
Willa Wan was no beauty but Hanson Haw was a real beast. After a bus accident robs him of his mother, he turns to anger and his grades slip. The school asks Willa to help Hans pass his final exams. Can Nerdy Willa tame the savage beast or will this High School Fairy Tale end in disaster?

My Cinderella Girl
Isabella, a scholar to exclusive school Black Bay Point Academy, has been bumped-off from the school dorm. She wanders the park, homeless and alone in a new city. Along came Ex-basketball star Elias Prince who rescues her and proposes she works for him as his housekeeper in exchange for room and board. But something develops along the way. Isabella becomes more than just Elias’ housekeeper-scholar. Will he be able to rescue her from wicked ex-girlfriends or will she forever be the High School Cinderella?


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