Mind of an Altruist | Jommy Teotico | Paperback


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In reading this book, you’ll discover a number of things about Jommy Teotico: (1) He lives in the moment; (2) he lives to the fullest; (3) he lives out of the box; and (4) he treats life as his great teacher.

This book portrays Jommy not only as “the altruist,” but also as a “life adventurer” and “philosopher.” He playfully yet deeply ponders about various topics of life, such as: God, spirituality, life purpose, reality, global peace, family, politics, the mind, self-identity, and self-love.

In this book, Jommy so generously shares the spiritual realizations, philosophical ideas, and psychological insights which he had gained from his actual life experiences. One has to read and digest this book slowly, pausing frequently, because each sentence is rich with wisdom and meaning. This is a book to be read in many sittings, and once finished, repeated again because the learning never stops from reading this book over and over.

If you are a person who wants to expand your mind, and become an altruist the way Jommy is, then let this book inspire you. It is definitely for you.

– Dr. Randy Dellosa, psychiatrist-psychologist


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