Mending in the Milky Way (Second Edition) | Aimy Madayag


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I am here, I am alive and growing – a Delphinium undergoing photosynthesis, needing both sun and rain to thrive. 

After publishing her debut collection of poetry and prose last 2021 containing 40 works reflecting on themes of youth, growth and self-discovery as a teenager, this second edition of Mending In The Milky Way includes a brand-new section with 15 additional works.

As this collection remains to be a love letter to not only those growing up but also growing through life’s challenges, the additional section-Kaleidoscopic-showcases how complex life can be, and how the seemingly complicated colors that make up our lives can still be beautiful.

This is Mending In The Milky Way. Beyond a collection of poetry and prose, it is a collection of stories of healing, memories and nostalgia.

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