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“Love has a way of finding us where we least expect it.” This captivating anthology unveils the enchanting stories of hearts discovering love in the most unexpected of places. From chance encounters to serendipitous moments, prepare to be touched by the extraordinary power of love’s surprises.

  • The Outreach Problem – Gian Trix
  • Anamnesis – Robee Francisco
  • Beach Avenue – kismetdxll
  • Everything I Didn’t Say – Ember Reinheart
  • Gale and the Northern Dream – Trudiesliit
  • How Dare You Write Our Past? – Mary Glen Verah DG. Reamico
  • Lost, Found and Love – Charisse Ferran
  • Love at First Sight – Cherie Joy Lopez
  • Rain Coffee – JelLoveLove
  • Patched – Hannah Redspring
  • When the Stars Fall in Love – Rojo Boy Gamino

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