Love Confessions | HappyEverAfters Anthology


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“What if it doesn’t work? Ah, what if it does?”

These haunting questions linger in the air, echoing the sentiment of those who dare to take the risk of falling in love.

This collection of stories explores the captivating journey of hearts that brave the unknown, where the possibility of both heartbreak and bliss intertwines in a delicate dance.

  • A Blue Like That – Ryan Leyco Faura
  • Chasing Light – Thea Lacambra
  • Juan – Faye Alfonso
  • Middle of Nowhere – Edison Dizon
  • Needed – Hughie Lane G. Gaupo
  • Panic Attack in a Major – Maxine Pulgar Ramos
  • Sometimes – Alessandro Kennz Nioda
  • The End of Days – Charles Tomeldan
  • The First I Love You – Alicia La Reveuse
  • The Measure – Jan Rupert I. Alfeche

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