Life with the Sunflowers | Nell Talavera | Poetry


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A poet’s love affair with words
Is a gift
A life unfolds gracefully
With an orchestra of spoken ballads serenading
Full of romance
That will last for centuries
A heartbreak 
That will bleed the soul
Pierced like thorns
Endless, carved in books to tell.
Life with the Sunflowers is a collection of memories and springs , little sparks that lingers and massive hazes that shatters. Life is a journey of uncertainty. And we are all survivors. These are my words to inspire, my ballad to encourage and my thoughts to wonder.
That moment that stirs your inner rage for inspiration
That kindles a vision of flashing tales unspoken before
The spark that becomes a version of your story, our story
But after a while, the spark grounds to mists of vagueness
That all along made the beauty of life somewhat uncertain
Like a haze that makes you doubt the luster of life that once sparkled.
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