Lacking Fragments | A Novel by Edrian Macabalitao


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Almost two decades after the death of his friend, Maya, the unnamed narrator found himself a comfortable home. Living in a provincial residence in the Philippines, he has a contented life for many years with his loving wife, Annalise, and inquisitive daughter, Kiki. In fact, their elegant house, a testament to his wife’s design prowess, stands as a certain kind of stability for the family. But when Kiki’s curiosity piques, there comes a desire to unearth her father’s past.

It seemed like parts of the emptiness I feel were patched up by the novel while creating a gaping hole of fragments as well. […] This book is a masterpiece, a good read indeed!
— Macadat, Teacher

This book beckons you forth to the very high chroma narration of the life of adulting, friendship, and trauma (also called love).
— Agpuldo, Teacher

A strong character who breaks the chain of suffering by preventing misery from being passed from one person to the next.
— Lopez, Student Teacher

There are a lot of noteworthy things with this book, too many to mention — the clever parallels from past to present, the symbolism, and the relaxing intermezzos that conveyed energies by turns surreal, comical, and at once, tragic.
— Yankin, Author

This book put me through one heck of a rollercoaster ride!
— Cuba, Student

Paperback 978-621-10-0165-4
Ebook 978-621-10-0163-0
267 pages
Cream paper

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