Kitchen Nightmare & Other Stories | Silvia Micole D. Guinto | Children’s Book


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One can never be too young or too old to learn these three beautiful lessons to live a successful and happy life. – Bo Sanchez, entrepreneur/ speaker/ author/ missionary


Silvia is such a gifted baker and writer! An entrepreneur at a young age, her hard earned lessons will surely help young bakers to excel in their craft. The cherry on top is that they’ll learn it in a fun way through the engaging kitchen stories Silvia whipped up in this book!


This book is a collection of kitchen stories – specifically kitchen nightmares! – featuring you wannabe chefs Lily, Sam, and Alice. Their individual stories in their kitchens, though, are actually life lessons that will help you to confidently face the challenges of the future. 

Silvia Micole D. Guinto is a young entrepreneur with a thriving food retail business. She spends her time cooking and baking and playing with her dogs. She is a homeschooler at Freedom Academy, a high school for young artists and entrepreneurs where students are encouraged to achieve their dreams, discover their other talents, and get out of their comfort zones.

This is Silvia’s first book as a writer and as an illustrator for the Kitchen Nightmare story. She works with young illustrators Angel Sun for Time’s Ticking and Sam Cadiz for Focus! Focus! Focus!


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